2018-10-24 23:34

Arriving/time in Seoul

1. Is there any particular hotel in Seoul where all the international artist are staying close to the venue?
The international artists will stay a hotel at in-sa-dong in Seoul.

2. Should I make my own hotel reservations or will there be a number of rooms reserved for the artists?
No, FAF make a reservation for you.

3. Are the artists required to be present in their space all the time of the exhibition?
No, you can asked someone or us to take care of your works.

4. Do all the works have to be for sale or for exhibition only?
No, You can choose either one or both.

5. Is there a percent commission from each sale that the artist pays to the venue?
There is no commission fee for the international artists.

6. Is the artist responsible of sales transactions? If so, how are these transactions done for international artists?
No, the artists can present their works for only exhibition.



1. What is the actual address of the event?
FAF Exhibition will take place at Seoul Art Center where address is 2406, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2. About how many artists will be participating in the show?
About 30 korean artists and 30 international artists will participate.

3. What is the size of the wall space for each artist?
A personal booth size is 4m x 4m x 4m

4. What is the hanging system?
The Seoul Art Center provide materials for a display.
It is recommended to avoid any fragile frame(glass , acrylic, etc)

5. Can you provide mannequins for wearable art, if so, how many?
If you ask, FAF will ask about it to the Seoul Art Center.

6. Can artists put nails or tape on the wall?
You can use what the Seoul Art Center provides.

7. When/how many days before the event opens will artists be able to set up their space?
It's up to you. However your works have to be arrived 2-3 days before the show.

8. Would there be any activities/sightseeing, tours scheduled for the artists before/after
It has not set yet.