Fiber Art Fair: Dream Deviation

Since ancient times, humans have been dreaming of adventurous and stimulating deviations from ordinary life even though most pursue a life of convenience and safety.

Through the ages of agriculture and the Industrial Revolution, World War I and II, we have landed in the contemporary digital society, four dimensional and five dimensional spaces, human being infinitely repeat and seek for spiritual deviation.

The creative fields of Music, Art, Film, and Performance have shown significant movement of deviation, for seeking fresh ideas. The field of Fiber Art is no exception.

In the past, fiber art works were popular to produce sentimental (melodramatic) two dimensional wall hanging pieces. However, most recent contemporary fiber arts have shown various conceptual works that have virtually no limit in time and space.

Fiber art would become rich and diverse when we challenge and dream of deviation from the normal pattern of life.

Here, Korean and International artists who dream of deviation together would like to present a variety of exciting work through their individual palette.