Proposal Description

Exhibition Location: Seoul Art Center

The Seoul Art Center is a prestigious location in Seoul, South Korea, dedicated to exhibiting artist’s work (both local and international) in the most highly professional and artistic way. Hangaram Art Museum is located on the left wing of Seoul Arts Center, being true to its function as a space for plastic arts. The museum has three levels above ground and one level underground with six exhibition rooms, storage rooms, and art shops, which are equipped with temperature and humidity adjustment and lighting facilities. In particular, the luminous ceiling system enables a full appreciation of art works by creating a bright indoor atmosphere similar to natural light. Also, it allows a great view of large works as the first and second floors are not divided. Exhibition Room 1 and 2 are located on the first floor, Exhibition Room 3 and 4 on the second floor, and Exhibition 5 and 6 on the third floor.


If interested in submitting a proposal for the FAF exhibition show, please send the followings to

1. 3-5 images of your work (high-resolution) photographs
2. Exhibition Form and Agreement Contract
3. Artist statement and resume/CV
4. Brief description of your proposed work for the exhibition, including materials and size descriptions

Each artist will have a booth to display their work (2-dimmensional or 3-dimmensional). The size of the booth is approximately 3 meters and 40 centimeters on each side. Depending on the nature of the artwork, the booth may be altered to suite the best display of the artwork.

While FAF is representing a vast amount of local and international textile artists, submissions are not limited to fiber art. We welcome submissions from all majors and embrace the unconfined boundaries between textiles and other forms of art.

Please arrive two days earlier to install work and prepare pamphlets. The artist is responsible for shipping their work to the gallery and installing it, as well as taking down the artwork at the end of the exhibition. FAF will be responsible for shipping work back to the artists (international artists only).

In the event that the Artist needs to cancel their submission after acceptance, they must notify FAF at least 3 months prior to the Exhibition Date.

Form Download

Application Form
Introduction of Exhibits
FAF Contract_Agreement

Please contact to

​Please email Shin, Ji-Hye at or Tamara Kwark (International representatives/PR/Web designer) at